Cygnet Seed Library launches next week!

On Friday 5th February at 6pm the Cygnet Seed Library will launch its free seed distribution at Oura Oura House, 19 Mary St Cygnet.

Why not join us? Everyone is welcome to attend, whether they are experienced with seed saving or not!

There will be demonstrations on seed saving and making seed “bombs”. There will be an explanation on how the Cygnet Seed Library will work in serving the community by both collecting, storing and distributing seeds. There will also be games and activities for children.

The Library will be a box of labeled, season-specific seeds that the community can access free of charge at any time at Oura Oura House after 5th February.

Our hope is that the community will be able to access organically grown locally sourced (Huon Valley) vegetable, herb and edible flower seeds.

Cygnet Seed Library was formed in 2020 to create greater community resilience in the Cygnet area. In the face of the Covid 19 pandemic, as well as the increasing effect of climate change, the importance of local seed availability and seed saving knowledge became even more apparent and inspired the seed library organisers.

Cygnet Seed Library’s aim is to help people become more resilient and enable them to take more responsibility for producing their own nutritious food. This is done by making available quality, seasonal seed and educating people on how to sow, care for, harvest and save seed for themselves.

All seeds are grown locally by seed library volunteers. We are always looking for new growers, or people to help out with packing seeds. We also run seed saving workshops and encourage everyone to come along.

To find out more about upcoming events and how to get involved, take a look around our website Or join the Cygnet Seed Library Facebook group.

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