Launching the Library

Well, The Cygnet Seed Library has officially launched! And what a lovely, lively event the launch party was.

Thank you to everyone who attended to celebrate the Cygnet Community and the importance of seeds!

On Friday night, the 5th of February, in a miraculous break between curtains of rain, the Cygnet Seed Library was officially placed on the verandah of Oura Oura House, 19 Mary st, Cygnet.

Jason Smith, Palawa man and traditional fire practitioner, welcomed everyone to country, before Heather Macfarlane introduced everyone to how the seed library works and talked about why seeds and seed saving is such a powerful community project. Here is a link to her speech if you are interested in reading it.

Attendees sampled Kate Flint’s delightful nettle pesto and munched on carrots pulled from the ground by Nadia Danti that afternoon. Meanwhile, Heather McCabe and Tom Macfarlane helped people make seed bombs from clay and potting mix (here’s a link to a recipe) and other seed library volunteers mingled, answered people’s questions and showed people how to use the seed library.

Nadia demonstrated some tomato and parsnip seed saving techniques and we even received some seed donations from attendees!

All in all it was an absolute cracker of an evening, filled with hope, fun and seeds.

Thank you to all the seed library volunteers who helped make the seed library and this event happen.

Milkwood - for giving us a space to house the seeds (the ex bank vault at the old CBA), a place to hold catch-ups and donations of books and resources.

Isis St Pierre - for all her website wrangling and poster designing skills

Ed and Trish Wykman - for their work getting the word out to local newspapers and media outlets, for helping set up and for being seed stewards

Kate Flint - for cooking, making our QR code, poster making and seed stewarding

Olita Dierckx - our librarian for organising and managing the running of the seed vault and our resources

Jordan - for managing the library email

Heather McCabe - for organising the seed bomb making

Nadia Danti - for carrots and seed saving demonstrating

Grant Bailey - for seed stewarding and tomato donations

Heather Macfarlane - for seed library coordination and seed stewardship

Tom Macfarlane - for helping with seed bombs and seed stewardship

Dominque, Isabel, Jane, Grace, Andy, Andrew, Martine, Kirsten and Kirsten and all the other people who have helped pack seeds, attend stalls and many more things.

Community projects are only possible because of the willingness of volunteers to gift their time and energy. Thank you to the many people who continue to do this work for the Cygnet community.

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