What are you going to grow over the next few months?

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

This is Bridgette restocking the Cygnet Seed Library with seeds for you to use - for free!

On Sunday we restocked the Cygnet Seed Library with free seeds for the local community.

We had a fun gathering of new and seasoned helpers sorting and packaging seeds. The seed library is now full and ready for you to come and take some seeds to grow at your place! We've topped it up with: Rocoto chilli, Calendula, Broad beans, Giant red mustard, Silverbeet, Black seeded lettuce, and Aquilegia.

Everything in the box can be sown right now. However some of these are best to go into seedling trays at this time of year. Chilis particularly really do need to be started in trays indoors, and kept warm to get a good start. See Seed Freaks or Dave's Seed for more local information about what to grow now.

You can find the Cygnet Seed Library drawers on the verandah of Oura Oura House, at 19 Mary Street, Cygnet. They are free and available for you to take anytime.

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